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brochure (pdf)
Plan Name: Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
Carrier:  United Home Life Insurance Company
Plan Type:  GI, Level Guaranteed Premium Whole Life
Key Features: No medical questions or exams, simple app, can draft first premium. No E&O required for contracting.
Conditions for Issue:  Must not be confined to hospital, hospice, nursing home, convalescent home, receiving home health care, be HIV positive or have AIDS. Must not have been diagnosed with any ilness that would reasonably be expected to cause death within 24 months. Agent can only place 25% of UHL sales on this plan.

Availability:  All states except AK, KS, NV, NJ, NY, PA & WA

Producer's Guide (pdf)

GA Contract (pdf)

     GIWL plan is graded during the first 3 policy years. Year 1: refund of premium plus 6% interest. Year 2: refund of premium plus 12% interest. Year 3: Refund of premium plus 18% interest. Full death benefit payable if death occurs due to accidental causes during the first 3 policy years.


Agent Guide (pdf)

Plan Name: Ultra Protector III
Carrier:  Americo
Plan Type: Level Guaranteed Premium Whole Life
Key Features: No medical questions, medical tests or exams required.
Conditions for Issue:  None.  Fully guaranteed issue life plan.

Availability:  All states except IL, MA, MN & PA

Ultra Protector Agent Guide (pdf)

GA Contract (pdf)

     Issue ages 50-75, $10,000 face, 3 year graded death benefit.  Applicant may qualify for up to $30,000 based on optional yes/no health questions and may qualify for immediate death benefit or 2 year graded death benefit.

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